Imagine waking up in the middle of a paradise with the song of the birds and the breeze of the mountains; meditate at dawn surrounded by tropical trees and practice yoga in the middle of the purest nature, then nourish yourself with delicious energizing breakfasts and participate in learning workshops with experts trained in health, wellness, Ayurveda and Yoga. Ending with a relaxed morning in a spectacular pool while detoxifying with nutritious green juices.

In the afternoons, enjoy activities such as hiking, canopy, expedition in El Macho waterfall, hot springs, horseback riding, bird watching, zoos, visits to the downtown market, excursions to the beach and many other attractions that are offered near us. Then finish the night with awareness walks at sunset and a relaxing yoga and meditation class.

All this and much more are examples of what you can enjoy in our retreats of Yoga and Eco-Adventure, created especially to relax and feel in balance with yourself and with nature. They have been meticulously prepared for energy and a unique sense of calm that will make you feel both physically and mentally relaxed.

The Yoga Life farm covers 1.5 hectares, flooded with dozens of fruit trees such as mangoes, guanabanas (soursop), avocados, pineapple and other plantations that provide organic food directly from our patio. All designed to ensure a healthy and pleasant stay.

The beautiful Zen gardens with floating chairs, are kept natural and cultivated, but not too designed, to maintain balance with mother earth, attracting local animals such as birds, frogs, butterflies, etc.

With cool terraces with colorful hammocks, in front of a relaxing pool (which assimilates the silhouette of the OM - universal mantra) and the refreshing Chakra Green Bar, are an irresistible invitation to join and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

During the retreat, you will stay in the main house, which has been designed to stay naturally cool, with high structures with thermal insulation, in the middle of green and lush gardens, offering visitors a spacious and private space.

It has a large fully equipped kitchen and a dining area with a variety of unique interior features and exclusive details of art, painting and handicrafts made by local artists.

The warm tones, the soft colors, the heavy wooden furniture and the majority of the recycled natural and other materials, make you feel comfortable immediately.

Our nutritious menu combined with yoga and meditation classes, is focused on restoring the mind, body and soul and focuses on the restoration of natural harmony and state of balance for optimal health and well-being.

Our philosophy for a proper Yoga practice is composed of five important elements:

  • Meditation
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper exercise
  • Adequate food
  • Positive thinking and relaxation

These five elements are what we apply in each of the retreats and workshops given. Making them circulate in our body as a river of constant exchange with nature. Which element do you think you are needing to apply more in your present life?

Come and discover how to achieve it. Reserve your space today!