What to bring to the class?

  • Bottle of water.
  • Towel (if you think you might be sweaty)
  • A special anti -slip yoga mat. This will always be your best investment.
  • Blocks, belts and blankets are optional.
  • Good intentions for each practice .

The 10 Commandments for yoga beginners.

  1. ACTION: Just show up... don’t over-think, just do it!.
  2. HEALTH: Be sure to consult your doctor in advance, about this or any other exercise routine you going to start. Tell the instructor if you have any physical injury, if you are pregnant or have any medical condition that the instructor ought to know about
  3. CLOTHING: Wear comfortable clothes, or whatever feels comfortable to you, if possible with bare feet, for greater freedom and be in constant contact with mother earth.
  4. TIME: Arrive at least 10 minutes before each class. Determine and respect the time you can devote to your practice.
  5. PATIENCE: Respect your body's limits. Listen to what your body tells you and practice in your own time following your own breath. Acknowledge that your body and mind will feel different every day.
  6. HYDRATATION: Drink plenty of water before, during and after classes.
  7. NOURISHMENT / DIET: It is better to practice on an empty stomach. Allow at least an hour after eathing before starting a yoga session. Then incorporate as many vegetables, fruits, seeds and fiber into your daily diet. JUST DO IT!
  8. SHARE: Bring a friend or family member along with you, it will be more fun and make you feel more confident.
  9. PRESENT: Make sure that your Hatha Yoga session help you in your daily life, like how to be present at the place where you are at every moment.
  10. ROUTINE: Never despise the "mini-yoga, they are the small experiences that you can incorporate into your daily life: Stretch you back against the back support of your office chair, prolong your exhalation at times of traffic.

Always Remember to never underestimate the continuing reminders to re-connect with yourself. First they become a habit, then a way of life and eventually become "YOU".