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Ivett Linda Gutierrez E-RYT200


Ivett Linda Gutierrez is a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, entrepreneur, community leader, globe-trotter and life lover. She has traveled over 15 countries as a business woman, a charity worker, a scuba diver, a spirit seeker, and a lover of all things Mother Nature has to offer. She lives with her heart on her sleeve and teaches with a deep passion. She is blessed to open the first YOGA LIFE STUDIO for classes and retreats in Panama, dedicated to help people achieving the best possible levels of health, wellness and balanced life.

She completed her formal Yoga Studies at The Mandorla Yoga Institute in Canada, were she lived for 15 years, and holds a Yoga Instructor Certification for Therapeutic Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

To deepen her knowledge and practice of yoga, she holds E-RYT200 certification by completed the teacher training at The International Sivananda Yoga Academy (Nassau, Bahamas) and has studied the Sivananda Philosophies relate to the applied use and studies of nutrition, anatomy and meditation on an individual’s condition and constitution.

Ivett practices privately and in groups in Panama City, and conduct trainings to promote the benefits of Yoga Lifestyle, teaching her class participants on how to build strength, stability and awareness in conjunction with appropriate breathing techniques. Her emphasis is customized natural nutritional plans and yoga exercises for rejuvenation and repair of mind and body as necessary aspects in achieving the best possible levels of health, wellness and a balanced life for her clients