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Hatha Yoga means: Control of mind through the control of the energy (prana) of the SUN “HA” and MOON “THA”, (hatha in Sanskrit). Yoga itself means “UNION”. Union with God, with the nature, with the cosmic, and union with in and between man and self. Yoga is a living science, that was develop over thousands of years and still continues to evolves with it needs of the time.

The ancient yogis use them self as a laboratory, to gain and understanding of the interrelationship between body and mind, and to review man essential nature, based on their own experience, they formulated an unique teachable practice that addresses all aspect of life; physical, emotional, psychological, ethical and spiritually.
Hatha is a slow and gentle form of Yoga, which focuses on simple postures (asanas) and movements, the pace of this practice brings you from one asana to another, without notice the big change. It is regarded as the basis of many others yoga styles, including Ashtanga, Bikram and Kundalini. Currently, Hatha Yoga is the most popular practices, as the health and vitality are reinforced in addition to being an excellent choice for exercise, stretch the body and reduce stress.

The spine is about energy flow and the chest has to do with breathing, which is why these two areas are always present in the practice of Yoga, when the act of breathing and movement become one, integration begins.

It is important that while you practice yoga, you give enough attention to your body and mind, you should be aware that your body and mind are creating resistance, so it is important that you learn to listen to your body so you can avoid injury.