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YOGA LIFE is a new lifestyle in Panama, based on the purest and most traditional form of Sivananda Yoga and the only complete system of personal development, HATHA YOGA, a system that works to perfect body, mind and spirit.

Our classes are specially formulated to build strength, stability and awareness in conjunction with appropriate breathing techniques. Making emphasis in customized natural nutritional plans and yoga exercises for rejuvenation and repair of mind and body as necessary aspects in achieving the best possible levels of health, wellness and a balanced life for our clients.

Our Eco-Adventure retreats are an unique experience, come and discover this beautiful hidden paradise in a private installation, in the mountains of Panama (20 min. away from the Pacific Ocean) surrounded by 1.5 acres of pure nature and innumerable activities. We also have private and semi-private classes. For health, we offer nutrition, exercises and diet; for energy, breathing techniques; for conduct of life, basic ethical guidelines; and for peace of mind, relaxation and meditation.

Swami Vishnudevananda's brings the Sivananda Hatha Yoga discipline to the west, simplifying this intricate philosophy to five points:

  • Proper exercise (Asana): Increases the circulation of both, the blood and the lymph and stimulate the endocrine system.
  • Proper breathing (Pranayama): Involves full regular breaths that entire fill the lungs, inhaling when lifting, exhaling when lowering.
  • Proper relaxation (Savasana): Relaxes both body and mind, releasing deep seeded physical and mental tension.
  • Proper Diet (Vegetarian): Provide adequate nourishment and good health, is a diet with moderation and in harmony with the nature.
  • Positive thinking (Vedanta) and Meditation (Dhyana): A positive aptitude and positive view of life, keeps you share full, allows you to open up to others.

In YOGA LIFE, we follow this philosophy in order to achieve the best possible levels of health.